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Poutine is flooding across America's northern border! But what's so great about fries, gravy, and cheese curds? Two patriotic Canadians school us in their native food and culture.

She may be a Canadian passport holder, but Sporkful writer Talia Ralph loves Thanksgiving just as much if not more than the average American.

Dan takes a call from two Eaters who can't agree on whether a dish one makes qualifies as soup. Listen to each side, watch the video evidence, and cast your vote.

Dan Boyce from Montana Public Radio calls in to recommend a novel way to prepare a peanut butter and honey sandwich, plus a caller in Ottawa extols the virtues of day-old popcorn, and a woman who lives in China offers a semantic rant about macaroons and macarons. Photo: Flickr CC / ladylinoleum

I had a great conversation about craft beer on the CBC radio program Q this week, triggered by their interest in the recent Slate piece I wrote about "beer sommeliers." At the end, host Jim Brown tries to draft me into something of a stop the hops campaign. Will I stand for malty sweetness or defend the bitter beauty of

A while back, a Sporkful caller asked us for help with a school project. We can't claim much, if any credit, but it turns out they got an A! Check out their project here, which uses design and technology creatively to rethink the eating and drinking experience. In short, this ain't no normal table. Very cool stuff - best wishes