We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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The Great Chicken Wing Hunt and Perfection in Food and Life (AUDIO + VIDEO)

Dan talks with Matt Reynolds, director and star of the new documentary comedy The Great Chicken Wing Hunt, in which Matt sets out to find the perfect Buffalo wing. More


Pretzel-Encrusted Chicken Nuggets with a Secret Ingredient (VIDEO)

We love pretzel buns, and the pretzel is the ideal mortar in any snack mix. But pretzels have other powers, including the ability to encrust other foods. Watch this video and you'll be encrusting your crusts. More

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Valentine’s Dinner Recipes: Candy-Crusted Chicken, Box of Chocolates Mole Sauce, and More (VIDEO)

Dan experiments with novel meals to cook for your loved one this Valentine's Day. This is the most beautifully romantic video ever posted to the internet. More


Recipe: ‘Where There’s Smoke, There’s No Need for Fire’ Chicken Wings (w/PHOTOS)

Wing places brag about the level of mental illness required to consume their hottest offerings. But I believe that eating should be about pleasure--not feats of strength. So here's a recipe just in time for the Super Bowl. More

Photo: Flickr CC / jeffreyw

Here’s My New Year’s Food Resolution — What’s Yours?

After resolving to eat more butter in 2011 and more grilled red onions in 2012, it's time for me to unveil my 2013 New Year's Food Resolution. What's yours? More


Fried Chicken: Ideal Meat-to-Fried Ratio, Korean Style, and More (AUDIO)

Robert Smith from NPR's Planet Money discusses "The Golden Mean of Fried Foods," travels with Dan to Queens for Korean fried chicken, and teaches him the art of eating on mic without grossing people out. More


Chicken Wings, Pt. 2: Dips, Side Veggies, and More (Ep 136)

This week we continue our examination of chicken wings, looking at the important topics of dips, side vegetables and alternative preparations. More


Buffalo Chicken Wings: Eating Technique and Sauce Options (Ep 135)

By popular demand, we present part one of our two-part series on chicken wings. We cover wing eating technique, Buffalo sauce, and Dan's controversial approach of ordering wings dry, with sauce on the side. More


Chicken Soup (Ep 114)

We explore chicken piece size, dipping techniques, and even using chicken soup as a topping. Bonus: the deceptive danger of shrimp. Photo: Flickr CC / travelust


Lessons from the Sporkful Mailbag (Ep 99)

Dan and Mark reach into the Sporkful inbox (hit us upanytime - we read 'em all) to respond to Eater e-mail, including an attempt to convert a Sporkful hater into... More