We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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The Crucial Issue of Surface-Area-to-Volume Ratio of Ice Cubes (AUDIO)

Ice should be constructed and deployed with the same consideration you'd give to any other beverage ingredient. I explained why, and how, on NPR the other day. Click through to hear and read the segment. More


NPR: The Tragedy of the Pina Colada, and How to Redeem It (AUDIO)

On NPR I talked about daiquiris and pina coladas, and to offer ways in which both of this unpleasant beverages can be improved. Click through to listen to the segment or read the transcript, then try the recipe! More


Maddow Colada Recipe: Rachel Maddow’s New and Improved Pina Colada

When she was on The Sporkful, Rachel Maddow declared the pina colada a tragedy. But she didn't just find fault. She also proposed solutions. Here's her recipe for a new and improved--and amazingly delicious--pina colada. More


Behind the Scenes: A Pina Colada Photo Shoot

Check out this picture of my kitchen in the midst of a photo shoot for the web portion of my radio segment this Sunday on NPR's Weekend Edition. Can I add "key grip" to my resume? More


Patron Sangrita Recipe Unearthed and Shared

In last week's Sporkful podcast on tequila, guest Ilana Edelstein mentioned that she had a recipe for a Patron Sangrita that the company never released. Here it is, made public for the first time ever! More

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Tequila Revisited: A Redemption Story (AUDIO)

Dan was scarred by tequila at a young age and hasn't been able to drink it for years. Now, he sets out to overcome his aversion and learn to appreciate good tequila, with help from an expert.  More


Cucumber Shot Glasses, Liquor Bottles in Ice, and Other Ways to Make P. Diddy Jealous (VIDEO)

Take your shindig to the next level by classing up your cocktail service. And don't be afraid to make frozen drinks in the winter. Seasons are just a construct, man. More


Gin and Lemonade, a.k.a. The Pregnant Wife: My Favorite Cocktail This Month

Mrs. Sporkful is expecting, which has led to many quick runs to the store to satisfy cravings. But some cravings don't last long. A surplus of lemonade got me drinking an elixir that pairs perfectly with a toddler and a pregnant wife. More


Signature Cocktails: The Best Way to Get Indecisive Guests to Drink Up (VIDEO)

Parties are more fun when people drink. But not everyone knows what they want. Enter signature cocktails. I talk with Cooking Channel's Classy Ladies, Alie and Georgia, about how to do it right. More


Cooking Channel’s Alie and Georgia, Food Network’s Adam Gertler, and an L.A. Field Trip (Ep 127)

  Dan and Win trade eating observations and experiences from their recent trips to Los Angeles, including Dan's first ever In-N-Out Burger, and his trip to the most pretentious coffee... More