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A husband irked by his wife's loud chewing noises calls in for advice, and Cooks Illustrated's Dan Souza tells us how science can help get ketchup out of the bottle.

A married couple calls in for advice about the ethics of free ice cream samples, and Cooks Illustrated's Dan Souza reveals the artisanal ice cream industry's biggest secret.

Your philosophy about how a communal fridge should be used says a lot about how you think society should function. This week on the podcast, listeners call in to express contrasting perspectives.

The Sporkful

We're on the latest "How to Do Everything" episode answering a very important audience question about the difference between a condiment and a spread. While you're there, check out the rest of what Ian and Mike do on their podcast and send them your questions. They're mighty good at answering them.


We present our second ever transatlantic Sporkful, as Mark remains in Germany for a few more weeks. This time Mark tells Dan what he's learned about the German approach to beer vessels and condiments! Also, note that this week is Tell A Friend About The Sporkful Week. It's the only thing Congress can agree on. By which we mean, they agreed