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From getting the right amount on the fork to dealing with danglers, pasta is problematic. Dan and Nicky Meatballs are here to help.

In this episode of my Cooking Channel web series, You're Eating It Wrong, I learn how to eat chicken wings, with competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti.

Air travel can be a drag, especially when it comes to eating. In this episode of "You're Eating It Wrong," Dan and flight attendant Caity Wright show you how to find high-altitude deliciousness.

When you dunk a donut into coffee, the donut is delicious but the coffee turns gross. (FLOATERS!) Enjoy the best of all worlds with the Sidecar--as featured in my book, Eat More Better!

Dan meets someone as obsessed with sandwich engineering as he is. They argue about peanut butter and jelly, then Dan unveils his new sandwich---the PBB&J. Watch to find out what the extra "B" is for.

Fed up with falling fillings and shattered shells and dreams? Dan brings in Chef Tyler Kord of No. 7 Restaurant to help him build a better hard taco.