We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Tequila Revisited: A Redemption Story (AUDIO)

Dan was scarred by tequila at a young age and hasn't been able to drink it for years. Now, he sets out to overcome his aversion and learn to appreciate good tequila, with help from an expert.  More


Is Sparkling Water Actually Water?

Water is H2O. When you add CO2 it produces carbonic acid, which accounts for seltzer's taste. At first I thought that made it something other than water, because it's not simply H2O anymore. But by that logic flavored water isn't water either. So what do you think? More


Cucumber Shot Glasses, Liquor Bottles in Ice, and Other Ways to Make P. Diddy Jealous (VIDEO)

Take your shindig to the next level by classing up your cocktail service. And don't be afraid to make frozen drinks in the winter. Seasons are just a construct, man. More


Gin and Lemonade, a.k.a. The Pregnant Wife: My Favorite Cocktail This Month

Mrs. Sporkful is expecting, which has led to many quick runs to the store to satisfy cravings. But some cravings don't last long. A surplus of lemonade got me drinking an elixir that pairs perfectly with a toddler and a pregnant wife. More


Lemonade (Ep 129)

Dan and Mark talk about the making and mixing of mighty fine lemonade. Plus, find out what food reminds Dan of "getting to first base with a cow."   Get... More


The Beer Chicks: The Sporkful Interview (Ep 120)

Christina Perozzi & Hallie Beaune, aka "The Beer Chicks," join us to expand our beer knowledge. They'll talk about how to pick a beer bar, women in the beer world... More


Elusive Koelsch Beer Visits Brooklyn

While in Germany last year (Sporkful eps, blog posts and more about Germany collected here), I lived in the region where the beer style called Koelsch dominates. We do get... More


Arizona Deliciousness Quest

My trip to Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona was way too short, but still filled with fantastic food, a mix of old favorites revisited and tasty new discoveries. Tacos book-ended the... More


First Date Eating, Part 2 (Ep 110)

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we continue our conversation about eating on first dates with Elizabeth Chubbuck from Murray's Cheese. She'll also share her expertise on cheese, including some... More


First Date Eating, Part 1 (Ep 109)

Ahead of Valentine's Day, we talk about first date eating with Elizabeth Chubbuck from famed cheesemonger Murray's Cheese. (We'll tap into her cheese expertise in Part 2.) In this ep... More