We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Improving Falafel with the Waffle Falafel Sandwich (VIDEO)

Falafel sandwiches are great in theory but problematic in practice. They have too many bites without falafel, and a pita is a poor sandwich base. Chef Einat Admony of Taim Falafel and I find a better way. More


How To Eat Pizza: The Travolta, The Inside-Out Fold, and More (VIDEO)

I demonstrate some innovative pizza slice consumption techniques, including The Travolta and The Inside-Out Fold. New York pizza legend Patsy Grimaldi is not impressed. More


Falafel Philosophy: The Shape, Consumption, and Meaning of Falafel

Katie Quinn of NowThis News joins Dan to discuss falafel sandwichization, the problems with the pita, ideal accompaniments, and whether the ball really is the best shape. Then they have a major revelation. More


Weird Al Promises 30% Increase in Burrito Quality With This Tip

When he joined us for an episode of The Sporkful a few weeks ago, "Weird Al" Yankovic shared a revolutionary tip for burrito improvement. More


Trongs: Great Step Forward, or Scourge on the Eatscape?

Trongs let you pick up finger foods without getting your hands messy. Watch the video and tell us where you stand on this device! More

Strawberry Ice Cream Cone

We Demand An Ice Cream Cone Improvement Movement (AUDIO)

There's one moment when the standard ice cream cone becomes special, when the ice cream partially melts and cascades into the chasm below. But that moment is far too short. Eater Matt has an eatovation that lengthens it. More


Mathematically Perfect Nachos: A Great Advance, Though One Concern Persists

Gizmodo offers a major advance in nacho technology, but is there a hidden danger? More


Thanksgiving (or Christmas) Leftovers in a Mason Jar (VIDEO)

Here's a great way to pack up Thanksgiving leftovers for your guests that will ensure that guests and bald eagles will be happy for generations to come.  More


Eater Mark Explains How to Get Crispy Skin in Microwaved Baked Potatoes

Microwaving potatoes presents issues. Not only does it seem a disturbingly long time to leave anything cooking in a microwave, but the results are subpar. Eater Mark offers a technique that sounds bizarre, but just might work. More


Eater Makes Mighty Piecooken

We have a notable fondness for putting foods inside of other foods. See our egg sandwich and our grilled cheesevideos for some of the best known examples. Eater Matt in... More