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Two friends disagree about whether it's OK to keep shopping after getting in the check-out line, and cookbook author Nicole Taylor tells us about some unsolicited advice she received about working in food.

Is it OK to claim your seat before you get your food in a busy restaurant? A listener with a dining ethics dilemma calls in for advice from Dan and Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats.

Like society, nacho consumption can get messy. With help from Thomas Farley (a.k.a. Mr. Manners), I present three rules of nacho etiquette and a technique that’ll help us all eat in harmony.

This week on Slate's Table to Farm podcast, Dan and co-host L.V. Anderson talk to Princeton bioethicist Peter Singer and others for an episode about eggs.

We debate potlucks, including how much the host should try to manage what guests bring, the ethics of bringing bought food, and strategies for the potluck eater. Dan argues they don't call it a potLUCK for nothing.