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You can learn a lot about your romantic compatibility with someone by eating with them. Here's how to do it.

If cooking, hosting, guesting or eating at Thanksgiving has you stressed, The Sporkful is here to help, with assists from Mo Rocca, NY Times food editor Sam Sifton, and drinks maven Rosie Schaap.

Like society, nacho consumption can get messy. With help from Thomas Farley (a.k.a. Mr. Manners), I present three rules of nacho etiquette and a technique that’ll help us all eat in harmony.

A man who left a store with more than a pound of free meat samples was arrested for shoplifting. The store says he "violated societal norms" for free sampling. What's your take on this pressing issue?

Dan and guest Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune cover most over- and underrated options. You'll be shocked by where Dan places the sandwich. Plus, a caller offers useful advice on navigating restaurant choices.

A listener is frustrated by people who call themselves vegetarians but still eat fish, and wants to know how to politely call such people out on it. Slate's L.V. Anderson says we shouldn't get so hung up on labels.