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Eater Matt from Chicago calls in to say that he offers a disclaimer when ordering a chocolate muffin, to distinguish it from a cupcake and "add a veneer of respectability." Do you think that's necessary?

Dan speaks with nacho experts and eaters at the first NY Nacho and Craft Beer Festival about nacho construction, the trend towards single serve nachos, and more. Plus, a caller takes issue with Dan's position on hot dogs.

In the annual Halloween show Dan interviews his aunt Meryl, a 50-something woman who eats sweets like she's five. She uses her dog to score candy and equates animal crackers to cereal. Plus callers debate cereal sans milk.

Dan talks to chefs and eaters at the Second Annual Brooklyn Grilled Sandwich Smackdown about what constitutes a grilled sandwich, the ethics of picking pieces of stray pork off a public serving tray with your hands, and general strategy at such events.

We debate potlucks, including how much the host should try to manage what guests bring, the ethics of bringing bought food, and strategies for the potluck eater. Dan argues they don't call it a potLUCK for nothing.

The Sporkful

We had so much to say about popcorn, it couldn't be contained in last week's episode. In this edition our first ever guest Win Rosenfeld, who we worked with at The Bryant Park Project on NPR, takes issue with certain office popcorn norms. And when things get a little heated, we turn to Rob Sachs from the NPR podcast What