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British-born TV writer June Thomas shares childhood memories of fish, chips, and a magical pan of lard, and shares strategies for eating in front of the TV, which she does A LOT.

I spent six months "studying" in London back in 1998, where I learned that English people care much more about the taste of beer than the taste of food. But it was also in London where I first learned to view frying as an art.

Cameron enjoys some open-faced smoked kahawai sandwiches. Unfortunately, I didn't get to have this when I was in New Zealand with my wife, but only because there was so much out of this world good food there (Australia too) that we didn't have time to try it all. /mark

See the full gallery on Posterous (Before we talk about Japan's food, here's a list of organizations accepting donations for disaster relief.) My recent trip to Japan was a work trip, but I made time to explore and support the excellent culinary community there. It wasn't hard to find deliciousness, especially with all the great suggestions you left in the blog

Our recent conversation with a caller about foods where composition inhibits eating caught the ear of food editor Kathryn Rem, whose article appears now in various papers. Among her gripes are "salads with hunks of lettuce that need cutting." That's actually the topic of a future show on salad composition, so we'll have our own take

The awesome dinner in Hawaii with an all-star team of local food journalists was amazing, but it wasn't the only great meal I had there. I was in Hawaii for a journalism conference held by the East-West Center. I fully expected to learn a lot about trans-Pacific relations, but I had no idea that the EWC staff would give us