BEST FOOD PODCAST James Beard Awards, Webby Awards


Taking a cue from the Girl Scout commitment to courage, confidence and character, we dream up some new and insane ways to serve Girl Scout Cookies.

Dan experiments with novel meals to cook for your loved one this Valentine's Day. This is the most beautifully romantic video ever posted to the internet.

We compete to each create three dishes using only foods in the Slate office vending machine and only tools in the Slate office kitchen. In the end we create Chuckles gazpacho and Chex Mix salad dressing, and filet a Fig Newton.

We invite Dan's daughter to our kitchen/lab and try to apply the principles of baby food to food for grownups. Watch Dan's daughter's hilarious reaction when she eats pureed grilled cheese for the first time.

We experiment with a savory cone with beef chili and Magic Shell-encased cones. The series of tests culminates with the creation of a clown sundae that is the happiest sad clown you'll ever see.

Sweet potatoes make for some great desserts, while the workmanlike russet potato gets pigeonholed as an entree or side dish, generally made into baked potatoes or French fries. We set out to change that.