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ice cream

Famed Oklahoma meteorologist Gary England evaluates weather-themed desserts based on the severity of their namesake weather systems and helps invent a new dessert. Plus how weather affects taste.

As conceived in this week's Sporkful (with legendary Oklahoma weatherman Gary England), the Shattuck Tornado is cherry cobbler, vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. Plus Gary's secret ingredient.

The advent of the Dairy Queen Blizzard was a seminal moment in my development as an eater and a fat kid. Years later, a vivid dream led me to compose this great (read: terrible) work of poetry.

Dan sits down with the man behind "Eat It," "Fat," "My Balogna," "I Love Rocky Road," and so many other classic food-related parody songs. This is a special one, Eaters.

"Rev" David Ciancio of Burger Conquest joins Dan for one of the more passionate burger conversations you'll ever hear. They cover burger-to-bun ratios, perfect patty formation, cheese on the bottom, and so much more.

Dan takes a call from two Eaters who can't agree on whether a dish one makes qualifies as soup. Listen to each side, watch the video evidence, and cast your vote.