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julia turner

Julia Turner of the Slate Culture Gabfest offers muffin opinions, muffin analysis, and muffin heresy. Listen to gain a new appreciation for the nuances of muffindom.

This week on The Sporkful podcast we're celebrating the release of my new book, Eat More Better: How To Make Every Bite More Delicious, with an all-star lineup of guests!

Julia Turner of Slate's Culture Gabfest joins Dan to discuss certain muffin trends and take a quiz on U.S. states' official muffins. Plus secrets of muffin grilling and a caller who needs serious help reheating a leftover meatball sub.

Slate's Julia Turner joins Dan to discuss the merits of short vs. long pastas, which shapes should be eliminated, and the best ways to get different shapes into your mouth, including the question of whether short pastas are better eaten with a spoon.

As part of a groundbreaking podcast meld, Dan and Mark team up with the hosts of the Slate Culture Gabfest -- Stephen Metcalf, Julia Turner and Dana Stevens, plus Slate's Laura Anderson and Jesse Baker -- to discuss all things granola, and to judge which Slate staffer makes the best granola. You can find Laura Anderson's winning granola recipe here. Correction: