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letters from the troops


War Zone Eating: MRE Improvement, Bartering, and Veterans’ Best Combat Meals Ever (AUDIO)

In Sporkful 148, Dan speaks with veterans about making military Meals Ready to Eat more palatable, and reports on his own MRE research. Plus the vets share great stories about their best war zone meals. More


What Combat Meals Have in Common with High-End Room Service

We always enjoy hearing from Sporkful Eaters in faraway places, including troops serving around the globe. We're glad to hear our podcast helps those stationed abroad pass the time or... More


Water, Water Everywhere… In Iraq

Sporkful listener J, currently serving in Iraq, has already brightened our blog with pics of the food available at the base, from (non-alcoholic) German beer to MREs. Now, in response... More


American Troops Drinking German Beer in Iraq

Sporkful fan J, last seen here seeking your guidance on useful sauces while he's serving in Iraq (keep the advice coming, of course), sent some pics from the mess hall.... More


Support Our Troops (With Seasoning)

An Air Force flight instructor writes in to The Sporkful to talk about how to make the world a more delicious place while being stationed in Iraq, and to solicit your input. More