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When a cookbook is called “A giant ‘F you’ to every other cookbook,” you pay attention.

See The Sporkful live with host Dan Pashman and special guests -- coming soon to a city (hopefully) near you!

Chef Marcus Samuelssohn learned in culinary school that French cuisine is the gold standard of cooking. One day, he realized that "somebody lied."

The musician talks about finding deliciousness while on tour, and about trying to alter her brain, in the wake of a bad breakup. Turns out the story also reveals something about her eating habits.


What can an iconic Chicago restaurant tell us about segregation and the Great Migration? Poet and South Side native Nate Marshall joins Dan live on stage in Chicago to perform his poetry and discuss.

Ann Kim’s parents disowned her for becoming an actor. When she switched dreams, she didn’t tell them. When she opened her first restaurant, crowds came, then awards came. But would her parents?