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We travel to one of the world's largest matzah factories to nerd out on matzah, and learn about the finer points of crackers in general. Then, Dan debates kosher law with a rabbi.

When I traveled to the Manischewitz factory in New Jersey, they told me how the women in their test kitchen make matzoh brei.

I talk to a Southern Baptist matzoh expert about the science of matzoh and a rabbi about the religion of these excellent crackers. Whether you celebrate Passover or not, this episode is for you!

Fleeing the Egyptians would have been much more delicious for my ancestors if they had had matzah pizza. Fortunately we have it today, as displayed by Ella (age 9) in Westport, CT. Her siblings Justin (also 9) and Julia also made some. It looks like they took the interesting approach of adding shredded cheddar. Is the tomato sauce straight sauce,