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Julie Zwillich presents a post-Thanksgiving, pre-Holiday palette cleanser with a test of all treats choco-minty.

We mediate a debate between a married couple over whether giving their kids breath mints is the same as giving their kids candy. And a man makes the argument that most foods are better eaten at room temperature.

Since we were working on a Girl Scout Cookie video at the time, we brought a fistful of cookies to our New York meetup . Everyone there tried some and several of the American women attending shared their insight as past Scouts. But it was Camie, a Canadian, who exploded all of our worlds. We get a fair amount

The Sporkful

We had a delightful conversation with Cassie, the Daisy Scout who (along with her mom fellow NPR Bryant Park Project alum Tricia McKinney) sold us a massive batch of Girl Scout Cookies for audio/video experimentation and debate. Our whole conversation didn't all fit in the episode, but we think this outtake about a lesser known Girl Scout Cookie is worth

The Sporkful

Dan and Mark talk Girl Scout Cookies with fellow NPR Bryant Park Project alum Tricia McKinney and her daughter Cassie, the supplier of The Sporkful's eight boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. /mark Photo: Flickr CC / aka_kath

This is what we're working on next. We just got our order of eight boxes of assorted Girl Scout Cookies. (I also got two extra boxes of Thin Mints for my own use.) Their slogan is "every cookie has a mission." They mean supporting Scouting, which we've done with our purchase. Our mission will be to find new ways to