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Food science guru Kenji Lopez-Alt shares the recipe for what he says is the absolute best way to cook a turkey. (We call this yoga position "downward facing bird.")

What soda pairs best with enchiladas? Why is dry ice carbonation so much better? We help a Mormon listener in need. Plus we talk regional soda pop nomenclature with a linguist. Got belly wash?

The best part of a road trip? Planning what to eat along the way. Get our tips for optimizing your road trip snack spread.

Air travel can be a drag, especially when it comes to eating. In this episode of "You're Eating It Wrong," Dan and flight attendant Caity Wright show you how to find high-altitude deliciousness.

Eggs aren't just a breakfast sidekick. Here are three egg-centric dishes to try at home.

We talk turkey cooking science with Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats and Thanksgiving for vegetarians with Slate's L.V. Anderson. Plus, how not to make dessert with Brooke Gladstone of On The Media.