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Pete Wells can make or break a restaurant with one review. Has that power changed him, or his approach to food? We discuss, and Dan joins Pete on an undercover trip to a New York restaurant.

If cooking, hosting, guesting or eating at Thanksgiving has you stressed, The Sporkful is here to help, with assists from Mo Rocca, NY Times food editor Sam Sifton, and drinks maven Rosie Schaap.

Mississippi Republican Governor Haley Barbour now says he won't be running for president. The New York Times says a donut tipped his hand long before his official announcement Monday: There were clues to those who had watched him closely in recent weeks. Last month, he said that he had lost 20 pounds and intended to lose 20 more by the end

A New York Times staffer, and well-placed Sporkful source, sent us this photo. Apparently the Old Gray Lady is not above a good office imbroglio.