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Sporkful listeners and Dan reveal what they resolve to eat more of in the new year. Plus we replay one of our weirdest, favoritest shows from 2016.

Chef Charles Phan shows us the right way to eat Vietnamese pho. Then we take a deep dive into the science of soup slurping with a researcher who studies the mechanics of eating.

It's New Year's resolution time. Check out the list of what we'll be eating more of in 2015 at The Sporkful, and tell us what's on your list!

Slate's L.V. Anderson joins Dan to debate ideal ramen cooking methods and to explain what curly hair can teach you about ramen. Plus Dan introduces several new techniques for ramen preparation.

Slate's Julia Turner joins Dan to discuss the merits of short vs. long pastas, which shapes should be eliminated, and the best ways to get different shapes into your mouth, including the question of whether short pastas are better eaten with a spoon.

We explore chicken piece size, dipping techniques, and even using chicken soup as a topping. Bonus: the deceptive danger of shrimp. Photo: Flickr CC / travelust