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other peoples food

The actress says she's fed up with stereotypes of her and her food. And she tells the story of eating in Puerto Rico for the first time and thinking, "This is me."

Joe McNeil's order at a segregated lunch counter in 1960 changed the way Americans eat forever. We met him for lunch to discuss his historic protest -- and the finer points of apple pie.

Why are we willing to pay more for Italian and Japanese food than Chinese and Mexican? As we learn in part two of our series Other People's Food, it has nothing to do with the ingredients.

What happens when people cook food from a culture that's not their own? Celebrity chef Rick Bayless opens up about the pros and cons of cultural exchange.

Dan and Dap (aka Ashok Kondabolu) of Chillin' Island take to the streets of New York to find out whether some foods are offensive.

Listen to a sneak preview of our upcoming special series, "Other People's Food."