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The civil rights icon's unusual pancake recipe -- with peanut butter in the batter -- offers a glimpse into her personal life and reveals the history of a southern food staple.

Sporkful listeners with family food feuds call in for my advice on eating pancakes and cookies. But it turns out these domestic disputes are really about love. And also pancakes and cookies.

In our network TV debut, we take over the fryolator at Chip Shop in Brooklyn for a segment on ABC's The Chew, for a segment called "Deep Fry or Goodbye." It didn't break the fryolator, but it will break your brain.

We invite Dan's daughter to our kitchen/lab and try to apply the principles of baby food to food for grownups. Watch Dan's daughter's hilarious reaction when she eats pureed grilled cheese for the first time.

Tonya writes, "Happy Memorial Day, rainy and dreary in Charlotte, NC. Pancakes for the hubby at 11 am, slept in late and drinking coffee. So decadent!