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In this special Sporkful investigation, we order sandwiches around New York City to find out whether places make smaller sandwiches for women.

In this special Sporkful investigation, Slate's L.V. Anderson and I order sandwiches around New York City to find out whether sandwich sexism is real.

The famously opinionated writer loves frozen Milky Ways and once packed 104 different pastrami sandwiches into her car. Just don't offer her kale.

  Dan and Win trade eating observations and experiences from their recent trips to Los Angeles, including Dan's first ever In-N-Out Burger, and his trip to the most pretentious coffee shop ever. Plus Dan shares interviews he did there with Cooking Channel's "Classy Ladies" (Alie and Georgia), and Food Network's Adam Gertler (Next Food Network Star, Kid in a Candy Store). Alie and

In part two of this series from the Second Avenue Deli, TBTL's Luke Burbank eats chopped liver for the first time. Along with Mike Pesca (NPR sports correspondent and co-host of the Slate podcast Hang Up and Listen) and Win Rosenfeld (Current TV contributor and The Sporkful's beloved wacky neighbor) this leads us into a conversation about whether some parts of an animal are better (or worse) to eat than

Dan took TBTL's Luke Burbank and NPR's Mike Pesca to New York's Second Avenue Deli for hot pastrami and chopped liver. Win Rosenfeld was behind the camera. Everyone recorded everyone else for our respective podcasts and web presences. How many nerds does it take to make a web video? Watch to the end to see Luke Burbank eat chopped liver for the