BEST FOOD PODCAST James Beard Awards, Webby Awards


Comic Paul F. Tompkins explains how his approach to comedy mimics his mother's approach to cooking.

The music icon couldn't eat in restaurants while touring the segregated South in the 60s. Now she cooks for herself on the road. Plus, she tells us what she really thinks of pumpkin pie.

Can adding food flavors and smells to live theater make it feel more real? We go behind the scenes of a new production of the musical "Sweeney Todd" to find out.


Food52’s Kenzi Wilbur embarks on a quest to get a pie emoji added to phones around the world.

In our Pi Day Spectacular, a former White House pastry chef reveals the very particular way President Obama eats his pie. Plus, a mathematician talks pi and pie.

A Sporkful listener tells of an epic battle over Thanksgiving pie between her mother-in-law and her cat.