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One false bite could cost you the presidency.

Sam Kass shares stories of his time as the Obama family’s chef -- cooking on Air Force One, smuggling special ingredients in to the White House, and creating a dish that came to be known as 'lucky pasta'.

Comedian Tim Dillon and Dan go out for lunch in Tim's home town on Long Island. Tim talks about why the seafood he grew up with is so important to him, and why rich people don't care about food.

The Iranian-American Muslim comedian says everything is negotiable -- even religious law. Plus, the former policy advisor uses her lamb kebab to school us on campaign finance reform.

Here are the points I think Obama wants to hit, with tips for getting them across by incorporating them into the meal. For starters, want to tell Mitt you want to wipe the slate clean? Replace the plates with Etch-a-Sketches.

Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain is surging in the polls and getting new attention. Sarah Palin has dismissed him as a "flavor of the week." In response, Cain scooped up the ice cream metaphor and ran with it, saying he is actually "Haagen-Dazs black walnut with substance." Huh? Personally, I prefer maple syrup to "substance" as a topping on black