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potato chips

Changing background music can make chocolate taste sweeter. And you can tell whether you're cutting scallions correctly by the sound they make. Hear (and taste) the difference yourself in this show!

Sutter Home's Build a Better Burger Contest is underway, and they've analyzed early entries to compile a list of top burger trends. Some are obvious (spoiler alert--bacon makes the cut) but others are surprising.

Dan and guest Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune cover most over- and underrated options. You'll be shocked by where Dan places the sandwich. Plus, a caller offers useful advice on navigating restaurant choices.

Taking a cue from the Girl Scout commitment to courage, confidence and character, we dream up some new and insane ways to serve Girl Scout Cookies.

We compete to each create three dishes using only foods in the Slate office vending machine and only tools in the Slate office kitchen. In the end we create Chuckles gazpacho and Chex Mix salad dressing, and filet a Fig Newton.

We've recent explored Persian Tacos, so Irish Nachos seems like a logical next step. Greg, an Eater from Michigan, loads toppings atop a base of tortilla chips and jalapeno-flavored kettle-cooked potato chips. He says the potato chips worked so well that he may totally drop the tortilla chips next time he makes what he calls Irish Nachos. Greg's note gets