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The actor and comic says different people should mix but the foods on his plate should not. Plus he explains why all Islamophobes should be forced to try Pakistani food.

Which is better for a hangover--home fries or hash browns? I discuss breakfast potato minutiae with Slate's L.V. Anderson. Plus my annual New Year's eating resolution.

I've been carrying a jar of duck fat around for about the past year, and I finally put it to use.

In Sporkful 147, Dan heads to Rockefeller Center to talk to people about Christmas dinner strategies and preferences. Plus a couple calls in for help settling a dispute over the correct way to drink water.

Dan and Slate's L.V. Anderson debate the relative merits, ideal characteristics, and correct definitions of hash browns and home fries.

In the annual Thanksgiving show (Ep 145), Dan welcomes Slate's food and drinks editor Laura Anderson, who gives a vegetarian's blessing to the Veggieducken, but challenges some of Dan's stuffing philosophy.