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Poutine is flooding across America's northern border! But what's so great about fries, gravy, and cheese curds? Two patriotic Canadians school us in their native food and culture.

Brian in Cleveland says he's been obsessed with poutine since our episode, and called on true Sporkful spirit to get the Quebecois dish where he lives: I'm too far from the Canadian border for it to show up on menus, so it fell to me to make my own. While the fries and gravy didn't give me any trouble, it was

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Cheese, chili, gravy, salsa, even hot dogs enter the conversation as we debate what to adorn fries with, what type of fries to use and how to top them. (And if you haven't already or just need to bone up, check out our previous episodes on french fry dips and the Canadian gravy-fry-cheese curd delicacy that is poutine. /mark   Photo: Flickr

Last month we did a Canada Day Spectacular show that focused on poutine, in which I argued that poutine would be better if it was served with the gravy on the side. (In my travels in Quebec -- poutine photos here -- I found that too often, poutine was so soaked in gravy that the flavor of the cheese curds

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Happy Canada Day! Julie Zwillich is the perfect person to celebrate Canadian food in our episode on poutine and other Canadian nourishment. She's a TV food host and dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada, so she knows the deliciousness happening on both sides of the border. But we learned that she's also an expert in

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July 1 is Canada Day, and we're toasting our friends to the north. Dan is just back from Quebec with a crazy story about getting maple butter through airport security, Mark stands up for gravy-soaked poutine fries, and Canadian TV food personality Julie Zwillich calls in to chat about other classic fare from the great white north.