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What are “natural flavors” and why are they shrouded in secrecy? Why doesn’t lemon-flavored seltzer contain lemon juice? A flavor chemist explains it all.

We visit a legendary pizzeria with a famously long line, then talk to scientists to try to figure out whether waiting to eat makes our food taste better -- or worse.

In cooking and eating, sound is the forgotten sense. But you can tell whether you're cutting scallions correctly, or how good your chocolate is, by the sounds they make.

Is there really a difference between cheap and expensive vodkas? We go on a mission to learn how super premium vodka is made and marketed. Then we make our own, to see how it measures up.

A married couple calls in for advice about the ethics of free ice cream samples, and Cooks Illustrated's Dan Souza reveals the artisanal ice cream industry's biggest secret.

Two friends call in for help settling a long-running feud, and Kenji Lopez-Alt explains the science of burgers taken to go.