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We explore the future of carnivorousness -- from meat grown in labs to veggie burgers that really bleed to the hybrid car of burgers.

Chef Charles Phan shows us the right way to eat Vietnamese pho. Then we take a deep dive into the science of soup slurping with a researcher who studies the mechanics of eating.

Changing background music can make chocolate taste sweeter. And you can tell whether you're cutting scallions correctly by the sound they make. Hear (and taste) the difference yourself in this show!

Serious Eats food science guru Kenji Lopez-Alt challenges some of Dan's eating innovations, then Sporkful listeners challenge Kenji with their own questions. Can The Sporkful stump Kenji?

In this special Sporkful investigation, Slate's L.V. Anderson and I order sandwiches around New York City to find out whether sandwich sexism is real.

The order of your toppings affects how your burger tastes. I find out why, and dig into the science of burger smashing. Plus a man in search of the perfect burger on exactly what he's looking for.