We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Hash Browns and Home Fries Compared and Contrasted (AUDIO)

Dan and Slate's L.V. Anderson debate the relative merits, ideal characteristics, and correct definitions of hash browns and home fries. More


Debating Pasta Shapes and Sizes (AUDIO)

Slate's Julia Turner joins Dan to discuss the merits of short vs. long pastas, which shapes should be eliminated, and the best ways to get different shapes into your mouth, including the question of whether short pastas are better eaten with a spoon. More

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Help Send The Sporkful to South by Southwest!

I've proposed a South By Southwest presentation entitled, "From Cupcake to Cronut: Deconstructing Food Memes," and I need you to vote for it so it can become a reality! More


Dishwasher Cooking: Gimmick or Goodness? (AUDIO & VIDEO)

I set out to learn all about cooking in a dishwasher, with help from a woman who wrote a book on the topic and a friend who's willing to destroy my dishwasher in the name of science. Click through for the video. More


I Made Delicious Butter-Poached Lobster in my Dishwasher. In Your Face, Thomas Keller. (VIDEO)

Watch the video of Dan's crazy dishwasher cooking experiments, and see step-by-step photos of one of the successes--butter-poached lobster tail. Cooking in your dishwasher isn't just for salmon anymore.  More


Burrito Construction and Consumption (AUDIO)

Is a burrito better when its ingredients are mixed up before being rolled in the tortilla? What's the best way to eat the end cap? And if any flour tortilla shape were possible, what would be ideal? More


Sporkful Live at Guactacular: Guacamole Composition & Consumption (AUDIO)

In the first ever Sporkful with a live audience, Dan talks to Lee Frank of Nachos NY, Laura Anderson of Slate, and Chris Salgado of Chris's Awesome Guacamole. Voices are raised. Passions are inflamed. More


Dueling Quesos and the Science of Cheese on Slate’s Table to Farm (AUDIO)

Dan and Laura learn about the science of how cheese is made, get a great tip on how to tell if a cheese will melt, and cook two quesos--one all natural, the other as processed as can be. More


The Secret to Making Great Bread? It’s All In the Hands (AUDIO)

One of Wonder Bread's first slogans was, "Untouched by human hands." But baker Amy Scherber says using hands is the key. We discuss how we got from there to here, and Amy offers a great focaccia recipe. More

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Food-Off Face-Off: Sardines and SPAM as Surf ‘n Turf, Curried Rice Krispies, and More (VIDEO)

In this new video series, Dan competes with Liza de Guia of Food Curated in totally absurd cooking challenges. First up: The number they pick from a hat is the only supermarket aisle they can shop in. It gets weird. More