We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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How To Eat Pizza: The Travolta, The Inside-Out Fold, and More (VIDEO)

I demonstrate some innovative pizza slice consumption techniques, including The Travolta and The Inside-Out Fold. New York pizza legend Patsy Grimaldi is not impressed. More


How to Eat Wings: The Meat Umbrella, the Bone Splitter, and More (VIDEO)

In my new Cooking Channel web series, You're Eating It Wrong, I look at ways to eat foods to make them as delicious as possible. Episode 1: Chicken wings, with competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti. More

July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest

Eater X: The Sporkful Interview (AUDIO)

On Thanksgiving, we're all competitive eaters. So Dan sits down with Tim "Eater X" Janus to get a Thanksgiving Day pep talk and to learn more about the world of competitive eating. Much, much more. More

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The Science Behind Every Meat Fold and Bread Cut at Subway (VIDEO)

Inexplicably, the folks at Subway let me make a sandwich with their executive chef and ask him all sorts of ridiculous questions about their specs. But I didn't just absorb knowledge. I also dropped it. More


Burrito Construction and Consumption (AUDIO)

Is a burrito better when its ingredients are mixed up before being rolled in the tortilla? What's the best way to eat the end cap? And if any flour tortilla shape were possible, what would be ideal? More

guac chip 1

Revolutionary Tortilla Chip Breakthrough: It’s Not A Scoop, It’s A Dome

A discussion with a structural engineer about tortilla chips and the wonders of domes leads Dan to a Cinco de Mayo breakthrough.  More

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How To Get An Indecisive Group Of Friends To Go To The Restaurant You Want To Go To

Eater Josh calls in with a tip on how to gently steer your friends to the eatery of your choice, without them even knowing what happened.  More


Precocious Alabama Two-Year-Old Inverts Foods, Makes A Mess

Young Miriam learned from The Sporkful that inverting foods to put certain elements directly on your tongue increases deliciousness. But she's still mastering the technique. Her mom wants advice, and Dan provides it. More


Deepak Chopra Teaches Us How to Experience Total Pizza Awareness (AUDIO)

On NPR today, I discussed the benefits and pitfalls of eating alone, with some help from Deepak Chopra. He makes a distinction between eating alone and "in solitude," and offers advice on how to get the most out of the experience. More


How to Reheat a Leftover Meatball Sub (AUDIO)

Pat in Pittsburgh called The Sporkful with a familiar quandary: When he heats his leftover meatball subs in the microwave, the bread turns to mush. When he uses the oven, the bread's good but the meat's still cold. Dan offers a solution that Pat deems "perfect". More