We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Win Your Picnic with the Toothpicnic (VIDEO)

Effective picnicking isn't as easy as it looks in the Williams Sonoma catalog, but The Toothpicnic technique will be your friend from steak to cake. More


Broccoli Sub, Broccoli Tacos, and More with Chef Tyler Kord of No. 7 (AUDIO)

Think broccoli is boring? Tyler Kord makes a broccoli sub, double-decker broccoli tacos, and fried broccoli, and they're all amazing. He and Dan discuss the magic of broccoli, a thing called The Brocco-Leg, and more. More

CCYEW102_fawaffle-sandwich-2 copy

Improving Falafel with the Waffle Falafel Sandwich (VIDEO)

Falafel sandwiches are great in theory but problematic in practice. They have too many bites without falafel, and a pita is a poor sandwich base. Chef Einat Admony of Taim Falafel and I find a better way. More


How To Eat Pizza: The Travolta, The Inside-Out Fold, and More (VIDEO)

I demonstrate some innovative pizza slice consumption techniques, including The Travolta and The Inside-Out Fold. New York pizza legend Patsy Grimaldi is not impressed. More


How to Eat Wings: The Meat Umbrella, the Bone Splitter, and More (VIDEO)

In my new Cooking Channel web series, You're Eating It Wrong, I look at ways to eat foods to make them as delicious as possible. Episode 1: Chicken wings, with competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti. More


Pretzel-Encrusted Chicken Nuggets with a Secret Ingredient (VIDEO)

We love pretzel buns, and the pretzel is the ideal mortar in any snack mix. But pretzels have other powers, including the ability to encrust other foods. Watch this video and you'll be encrusting your crusts. More


Good to Know Math: One Pound of Cheddar = Five Apps (VIDEO)

My friend Laurie challenged me to make five appetizers from a one-pound block of cheddar cheese in the latest installment of Good to Know. Spoiler alert: Mac and Cheese Pops. Watch! More

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The Ultimate Kids Table, and a Lesson in Cupcake Consumption (VIDEO)

Laurie March and I set out to create the ultimate kids table. The result is so awesome, it almost made me wish the kids didn't love it so much, so I could have a turn sitting there. Watch and share! More

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Watch: Video Compilation of Animals Stealing Food

When animals steal food it's funny and cute. They think they're getting away with something, but it's just that we've decided to make a video of them for the internet rather than stop them. Silly animals! More


Can You Taste the Velvet? Gourmet Sea Salt Tested (VIDEO)

Dan joins Katie Quinn of NowThis News to test a new line of gourmet sea salts with flavors like Black Carbon Infused and Velvet Plum Merlot. Should you want carbon in your salt? Watch and find out. More