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You may think of Guy Fieri as just the flame shirt and oversized personality, but there's a lot more to him. Guy opens up about the food industry, business advice, and what he thinks about organic restaurants.

Boxed wine stays fresh longer, is more environmentally friendly, and doesn't break when you drop it. Most importantly, experts say it just tastes better.

In the nerdiest Sporkful ever, I learn what listening to chocolate can tell you about it, how our brains play tricks on our tongues, and why charging more for wine can make it taste better.

Boxed wine is cool again! Or, for many of us, it continues to be cool. In this Good to Know video, Dan talks with Cooking Channel's Alie and Georgia about the advantages of this venerable vessel.

See the full gallery on Posterous We had a fantastic meetup in Berlin, a highlight of my Germany adventure. It was a great turnout for our first European gathering. I met several cool Eaters, including one from Dresden who uses Sporkful as a tool to teach English to students training for work in food and hospitality. (Really!

We got a great crowd at the DC meetup the other day. Thanks so much to all the folks who came out! DC-area residents will now know who among them is especially awesome, since several people bought Sporkful T-shirts. Thanks so much for your support! I had a blast meeting everyone and hearing about the local food scene. Key topics