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zach brooks

The Two Man Gentlemen Band performs "Pork Chops" and "Fancy Beer" and shares tips for eating while driving a tour van. Plus the host of Food Is The New Rock on the intersection of food and music.

This week, we're continuing our conversation on improving lunch. We'll cover salad bar strategy, eating on the move and in other situations without tables, food trucks and messy food. We're joined again by Zach Brooks, creator of Midtown Lunch. When Dan and I worked together at NPR, we used Zach's site often to find good food in New York's midtown.

This week we're starting a conversation about ways to improve eating at work. Our guest is Zach Brooks, creator of Midtown Lunch, a vital site for people looking for originality and variety in their workday feeding. It started in New York's midtown and has expanded to cover downtown, LA and Philadelphia. Back when Dan and I worked at NPR, we