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The Quest for Persian Tacos

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Aug 15, 2011


You're looking at an attempt to bring Persian Tacos to the world. I'm in Germany, where American journalist Cyrus Farivar is celebrating his Persian heritage in taco form. I had the privilege of helping in the kitchen for his second attempt at Persian Taco genesis. The beef gets a flavorful dose of sumac, saffron, salt and lime. Cyrus' masterstroke is using basmati rice cooked to form a tadig. That's basically a crust of burnt rice on the bottom.

We placed the crunchy side of the rice downward on the tortilla, so that just as your teeth break through the soft exterior of the tortilla, you get a nice contrasting crunch from the crispy rice. The rice and meat is all topped with torshi, Persian picked vegetables.

Persian Tacos were a hit with our small group. (The night was made even better when Cyrus cracked open beer collected on bike trips through Belgium and the Netherlands.) The hope is others will be inspired to expand the field of Persian Tacos. So Eaters, we pass this challenge on to you. What goes into a Persian Taco? Experiment with it, because the field is wide open! /mark

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