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The Secret to Making Great Bread? It’s All In the Hands (AUDIO)

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Apr 15, 2013

In this week's episode of Slate's Table to Farm, we talk about the history of bread and how to make it really well.

Aaron Bobrow-Strain explains that when white bread first came out, that was the high-end product and whole grain bread was considered dirty. Wonder Bread went so far as to advertise itself as "untouched by human hands."

But Amy Scherber of Amy's Bread in New York says that when she trained in France, she was most impressed by the way the masters there used their hands. She shares some of her tips for making great bread, then Dan and Laura cook and eat a focaccia, with plenty of olive oil.

Find more episodes of Table to Farm here, and check out Amy's focaccia recipe on Slate.

Photo: Flickr CC / surlygirl

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