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The View from Your Laptop

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May 03, 2010


Ground turkey and pork basil garlic sausage a la Michael & Emily. Seattle, WA, 1:06 pm. (See their recipe after the jump.)

It's lunchtime, Saturday and I'm enjoying the day off. My girlfriend Emily is not. She is working at the coffee shop across the street.
We are both foodies so here is what a quick lunch can look like for us (occasionally, paycheck permitting)...

In a medium frying pan, cook a patty of ground turkey breast with the perfect amount of pork basil garlic sausage mixed in with an additional chopped basil leaf, and a few coins of said sausage frying around it contributing crucial, delicious fats. Once you flip the patty, throw in sliced onions so that they can fry up nicely in the fantastic fats that have cooked out of the meat. Remove the turkey and sausage when they're done and continue to fry the onions to perfection, adding a couple pinches of kosher salt. Serve.


Alternately, I would first cook the sausage on low then slice it lengthwise in thin strips and serve with a grilled bun, the onions and sausage adorning the patty. Except that we are glutards...  :-)

Best Regards,
Seattle, WA

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