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The View from Your Laptop

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Nov 05, 2010

Nashville, TN, 3:00 pm.

Our pumpkin phase continues, with a Sporkful fan Lauren baking a Pumpkin Spice Layered Cake with Maple Icing, from a fall feast:

I had to send you guys this picture in honor of your pumpkin show. Made for a Halloween party, for which the menu also included butternut squash soup served in a roasted pumpkin, quesadillas with Halloween designs cut out of the top tortilla (jack-o-lantern style), red pepper hummus with a black sesame spider web on top, polenta pumpkins (cookie-cutter style), and bat bites (small cheese balls with olives as eyes and blue chips as ears).

It's always the season to shoot us pics of your laptop meals at Please include the location and time of the picture, and describe the chow. /mark

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