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Tickets on Sale for First Ever Live Sporkful Taping at Guactacular 2013!

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Apr 11, 2013

Big news friends: The first ever live taping of a Sporkful episode will take place at 5 pm at Guactacular 2013, at the Bell House in Brooklyn, on Sunday, May 5!

This event will sell out, so get tickets now--any type of ticket gets you into The Sporkful taping, which starts at 5.

Guactacular is an awesome event put on by our friends Lee and Rachel at NachosNY, authors of the new book, Ultimate Nachos. This year is the fifth annual, and they have quite an event planned. The afternoon session features optimistic amateurs competing for guac glory. The evening session is the pro circuit--chefs and restaurants throwing down for your enjoyment.

Dan will be there not only to get up on stage and lay down some sick Sporkful beats with some special guac guests, but also to act as a judge in the competition. One ticket lets you try about as many different guacamoles as is safe for human consumption, and to be part of the first ever live taping of a Sporkful!

The Sporkful part of the show will take place between the two sessions, so whether you buy a ticket for the afternoon, evening, or all day, you can come to our festivities.

Plus, they'll have the Coolhaus and Mexicue food trucks, a photobooth, copious drinks on offer, and more. Hurry up and get your tickets!

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