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Luke Burbank and Mike Pesca Join Dan at Second Avenue Deli (VIDEO)

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May 15, 2012

Dan took TBTL's Luke Burbank and NPR's Mike Pesca to New York's Second Avenue Deli for hot pastrami and chopped liver. Win Rosenfeld was behind the camera. Everyone recorded everyone else for our respective podcasts and web presences. How many nerds does it take to make a web video? Watch to the end to see Luke Burbank eat chopped liver for the first time.

Here's this week's Sporkful episode on hot pastrami, recorded at the same time as this video. You can also get it on iTunes here. Next week we'll have part two from the deli, about chopped liver, in which we debate whether some parts of an animal are grosser to eat than others, and Luke equates the liver to a jacuzzi filter.


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