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View From Your Laptop: Leftover Asian Fusion Masterpiece in Delaware

Posted by

Nov 16, 2011


Matt in Wilmington, Delaware, shares this:

Hey Guys, Great shows lately, especially with the online German food coverage. I just wanted to share my personal view from my laptop image...I had some baby back ribs left over from the other day and cut off the meat and combined it with hot beef ramen, for a BBQ'd asian fusion masterpiece. I washed it down with a cranberry iced tea, which conveniently had a similar checkerboard pattern to [The Sporkful] homepage. Thanks for all that you do for all the non-foodies out there.
Taking the meat off the bone of leftovers and combining it with other dishes is a great move, and one I employ on a regular basis. In fact just last night, I pulled the meat from a leftover roast chicken and combined it with some leftover kasha varnishkas. Well played, Matt! /dan
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