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Vote Now: Best 80′s Gum Jingle?

Posted on Apr 13, 2010
Vote Now: Best 80′s Gum Jingle?

We may not agree on the best type of gum, but we should all be able to agree that the artistic form of expression generally known as "music" reached its apex in the form of several classic gum jingles in the 1980's. But which jingle is #1? Below are three classic tunes in their original forms. There's also a dark horse contender, performed in studio by NPR's Mike Pesca during the taping of this week's Sporkful episode on gum. Share your thoughts on the four options in the comments section...

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AndyKrumm says:

Juicy Fruit all the way. The jingle has that classic 80s, Kenny Loggins sound to it. Also, JF is the only mainstream gum that actually makes your breath WORSE!

maya says:

Big Red!

nathaniel says:

Juicy Fruit

Anonymous says:

Big Red!

Jessica says:

It's gotta be Juicy Fruit, if only for the innuendo. Great podcast!

sclevine says:

In my memory, DoubleMint was best, but after watching these, Big Red is the winner hands down!

jenn says:

Big Red!!!

Chef_Bob_V says:

Juicy fruit - for it's unmatchable grooveiness. Doublemint does deserve honourable mention for the best use of twins in advertising EVER (but the jingle kind of sucks....)

Katie says:

JUICY FRUIT! The others I have almost forgotten, but I can still sing along to the JF jingle!

Vivian says:

I like the Big Red song. At first I was thinking Juicy Fruit, but it sounds a bit aggressive. Also, I think the Big Red song sounds happier and is more about gum and its benefits.

Anonymous says:


Becky says:

I think the cheesiest one, and therefor the best 80's commercial material, is Juicy Fruit. It reminds me of the theme music for the Baltimore Orioles... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Mr7mQuGmp0BEST THEME SONG EVER!

Stephanie says:

Big Red, for sure! I too, started singing it before I heard it. Doublemint had a very catchy commercial, too, but it was much later (at least mid-nineties).

Nadia says:

You guys--how wierd is it that Verizon has repurposed the Big Red jingle for their ads on Hulu? Never heard of such a thing.

Noella says:

Juicy Fruit.

monicakaya says:

BIG RED!I started singing it before I even clicked on it, and now I can't get it out of my head.

Amanda says:

Big Red all the way! I agree is the catchiest. Big Red is the only gum I ever chewed on a regular basis. Except for the brief stint in grade school when Bubblicious watermelon was my gum of choice.

Dan says:

I go for Big Red! Unfortunately, Family Guy already parodied the juicy fruit and the double mint is just weird and not that interesting.

Tiffany Smith says:

Juicy Fruit, mostly because I started singing that song without even listening to them.

Thomas Burnett says:

Gotta say I think the catchiest one of those is the Big Red Jingle.