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Why Cows Wear Fitbits

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Nov 08, 2018

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"A lot of people picture us farmers as male. Also apparently we carry around pitch forks all the time?"

That's Katie Dotterer-Pyle (above, with one of her cows), a dairy farmer in Maryland, who's more likely to be using a software than a pitch fork.

Katie grew up on a dairy farm, and today she runs Cow Comfort Inn -- where her dairy cows sleep on mattresses, frolic in sprinklers when it's hot out, and wear Fitbits.

"When you take care of your cows, your cows take care of you," she says.

Katie says a lot of people are surprised by how high-tech farming is today.

Today on The Sporkful, she tells us what people don't understand about farmers, why all her cows wear Fitbits, and the best way to drink a glass of milk.

This episode is sponsored by Undeniably Dairy, a project funded by America's dairy farmers and importers. For more stories of passionate people in the dairy world, go to

Interstitial music in this episode by Black Label Music:

- "Summer Time" by Jack Ventimiglia

Photos: Courtesy of Undeniably Dairy

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