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Fish and Chips and a Magical Pan of Lard (AUDIO)

Is it better to have one big piece of fish or several smaller ones? What's the ideal batter-to-fish ratio? And is even the fish better when eaten with your hands? Slate's June Thomas joins Dan to answer these and other vital questions. More

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Improving Falafel with the Waffle Falafel Sandwich (VIDEO)

Falafel sandwiches are great in theory but problematic in practice. They have too many bites without falafel, and a pita is a poor sandwich base. Chef Einat Admony of Taim Falafel and I find a better way. More

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Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’s Peter Sagal: The Sporkful Interview (AUDIO)

Peter Sagal joins Dan to discuss growing up as a fat kid, his opinions on Chicago pizza, grilling the perfect burger, how Courtney Love turned him against melted cheese, and much more. More


Restaurant Eating with ‘Professional Glutton’ Adam Platt (AUDIO)

Ahead of Valentine's Day, NY Magazine Restaurant Critic Adam Platt joins Dan to talk about the best time to eat out, where to sit, ordering strategy, and the crucial issues of scented hand soaps and the napkin collar tuck. More

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Junior Eaters Test Revolutionary Pizza Consumption Techniques

Junior Eaters Elsie and Clara review some techniques introduced in my new web series, You're Eating It Wrong. More


How To Eat Pizza: The Travolta, The Inside-Out Fold, and More (VIDEO)

I demonstrate some innovative pizza slice consumption techniques, including The Travolta and The Inside-Out Fold. New York pizza legend Patsy Grimaldi is not impressed. More


The Great Chicken Wing Hunt and Perfection in Food and Life (AUDIO + VIDEO)

Dan talks with Matt Reynolds, director and star of the new documentary comedy The Great Chicken Wing Hunt, in which Matt sets out to find the perfect Buffalo wing. More