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What can an iconic Chicago restaurant tell us about segregation and the Great Migration? Poet and South Side native Nate Marshall joins Dan live on stage in Chicago to perform his poetry and discuss.

In part two of our special series Ask Mimi, legendary food critic Mimi Sheraton discusses being a working mother, eating alone, and mac and cheese. Plus Brendan Francis Newnam argues against brunch.

The actor and writer isn't a fan of American food excess -- except when it provides the perfect metaphor for his own tri-cultural upbringing.

Is a buttered roll a sandwich? Is it still brunch if it’s at 2 pm? Dan debates food and language with Peter Kim from the Museum of Food and Drink and Helen Zaltzman from The Allusionist.

Which is better for a hangover--home fries or hash browns? I discuss breakfast potato minutiae with Slate's L.V. Anderson. Plus my annual New Year's eating resolution.