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We talk to coquito masters in Harlem and a moonshiner in the Bronx to learn about the holiday drink that’s the centerpiece of a Puerto Rican Christmas celebration.

Tired of Chapstick and Lifesavers? Make over your Christmas stocking with some international treats brought to you by Professional Sweet Tooth, Julie Zwillich.

Laurie March and I set out to create the ultimate kids table. The result is so awesome, it almost made me wish the kids didn't love it so much, so I could have a turn sitting there. Watch and share!

In Sporkful 147, Dan heads to Rockefeller Center to talk to people about Christmas dinner strategies and preferences. Plus a couple calls in for help settling a dispute over the correct way to drink water.

As we head into holiday travel season, The Sporkful covers strategies and techniques for air travel eating that can make the experience a little less demoralizing, and occasionally actually delicious.

The Sporkful

We make another holiday visit to Madeleine Brand's public radio show in LA. We're rethinking some holiday food traditions, Sporkful-style. We always enjoy being on with Madeleine - have a listen and let us know your ideas for ways to tweak Hanukkah and Christmas culinary classics.