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What Are the Most Divisive Dishes at Your Holiday Table?

Every year Eater Matt in Chicago creates a savory cucumber salad in the form of a Jell-o mold, and his family thumbs their noses at it. What holidays dishes cause controversy in your world, and how do you deal with it?

Lessons from the Sporkful Mailbag (Ep 99)

Dan and Mark reach into the Sporkful inbox (hit us upanytime - we read 'em all) to respond to Eater e-mail, including an attempt to convert a Sporkful hater into a lover. Also, we explore wisdom and opinion from Eaters on Buffalo/chicken wing nomenclature and tuna salad crunch enhancement. Photo: Flickr CC / corsinet

The Sporkful

Gabe, a Sporkful Eater in Colorado, e-mailed us an unusually long, detailed and sometimes explicit set of thoughts on candy and other treats commonly given out for Halloween. It caught our eye and we decided to call him up for our Halloween show, which comes out Tuesday. For now, check out Gabe's thoughts and let us

Sporkful Eater Brings Poutine to Midwest

Brian in Cleveland says he's been obsessed with poutine since our episode, and called on true Sporkful spirit to get the Quebecois dish where he lives: I'm too far from the Canadian border for it to show up on menus, so it fell to me to make my own. While the fries and gravy didn't give me any trouble, it was

It’s Edible, but is it Eatable?

On this week's show we take a call from Wayne, who also emailed us some photos to illustrate the reason for his call. He writes: Listen- there is a problem out there and no one is addressing it. Restaurants are putting gorgeous dishes in front of diners with more concern for drama than for eatability. That's right, Eatability: the compatibility of

Coffee: Shaken Not Stirred

Mary from New York has been listening to our coffee episode with Marc Maron, where I proposed my idea that the only true iced coffee is one with coffee ice cubes. Mary favors using espresso, chilled with a bartender's flair, using a cocktail shaker: Throw in your espresso, milk and sugar, add a handful of ice cubes last, shake, and strain