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Hey Chicago, Whaddaya Say? A Sporkful Meetup’s Coming Your Way!

The second ever Sporkful Chicago Meetup will take place on Sunday, February 24, from 5-7 pm, at Clark Street Ale House, 742 N. Clark St. Sporkful T-shirts will be on sale, but merriment will be free!

Learning English through the Sporkful (Really!)

Among the Eaters who made the trip to our Berlin meetup were Jennifer and Guntram from Dresden. Jennifer, as it turns out, teaches advanced English to German students who work in food and hospitality (including a cheese engineer - excellent job title). I thought she was joking when she told me she uses Sporkful episodes in her classes, but she

Pics from Sporkful Berlin Meetup

See the full gallery on Posterous We had a fantastic meetup in Berlin, a highlight of my Germany adventure. It was a great turnout for our first European gathering. I met several cool Eaters, including one from Dresden who uses Sporkful as a tool to teach English to students training for work in food and hospitality. (Really!

Sporkful Berlin Meetup: 10. September (Saturday)

Hallo Eaters! Now that I'm in Germany for a few weeks and Sporkful is fully Transatlantic, we're having our first European meetup in Berlin on Saturday, September 10th. After great meetups in New York, DC, Chicago and Honolulu, it's about time to meet Eaters on another continent. And this is not just any meetup. Our awesome friends at the Good

Sporkful DC Meetup

We got a great crowd at the DC meetup the other day. Thanks so much to all the folks who came out! DC-area residents will now know who among them is especially awesome, since several people bought Sporkful T-shirts. Thanks so much for your support! I had a blast meeting everyone and hearing about the local food scene. Key topics

Sporkful Washington, DC Meetup – July 25th

Did you miss our gatherings of Sporkful Eaters in New York and Honolulu? Can't make it to the meetup in Chicago this Friday? Was it because you live in DC and those are awfully long hauls for happy hour drinks? Then mark your calendar for Monday, July 25th, because this is the meetup for you. I happen to be in